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Watch: Melodramatic And Opulent, The 'Bajirao Mastani' Trailer Is Classic Bhansali

If you had been wondering whether Ranveer Singh has been reduced to just staring at his two gorgeous co-stars in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Bajirao Mastani, the film's trailer will put your fears to rest. You can't be blamed if you had felt slightly nervous about Singh's role in Bajirao Mastani, given that all you had seen of the film till now involved the two women dancing and drooling over him while he stares - with affection, with rage, and a bunch of other inscrutable expressions.

A couple of months back, the makers released a teaser - arguably the longest 'teaser' we have seen in the recent times as it ran over two minutes. They have now released a trailer which is a little over three minutes long. In this one, you can hear the characters speak as opposed to the teaser.

Over it's first look, teaser and now trailer, our fears about the quality of the battles scenes in Bajirao Mastani have only heightened. The top shots of the battle fields make them look sparse and somewhat underwhelming. In fact, the sets of the song Deewani Mastani and the battlefields seem like the work of two different art directors, even two different films - so sharp is the contrast in detailing and attention.

Like is true for every Bhansali film, and therefore their trailers, every word spoken in the Bajirao Mastani promo is melodramatic and fraught with hyperboles. Yet, Deepika Padukone's voiceover, stringing the trailer together, strangely fails to mirror the emotion in the deeply dramatic dialogue she is given.

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However, she more than makes up for with her acting if the trailer is anything to go by. She shows great restraint in scenes which can easily goad actors to hysterically over-act. While Deepika, who plays warrior queen Mastani, is shown brandishing swords and riding alongside Singh (who plays Bajirao) in battle scenes, Priyanka Chopra seems to have been given some strange and unnecessary sequences - like doing an odd dance with a flag. But she still manages to steal her co-actor's thunders in the few plausible sequences she features in the trailer.

And you finally get to see Ranveer Singh in action. He is calm, playful, stoic, furious and cold in turns and is stunning overall. That said, we hope he doesn't overdo the alpha Peshwa gig in the film itself.

And now for the heartbreaking bit for Ranveer-Deepika fans: his chemistry with Priyanka makes his interactions with Deepika look like a damp squib.

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