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11-Year-Old Girl Inspires Her Father To Launch A Fashion Line For The Differently Abled

Joe Ikareth

A young girl in Kerala with congenital disabilities has inspired her father, a fashion designer, to create a special collection for the differently abled, according to reports.

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Joe and Murielle Ikareth, the parents of 11-year-old Tilotima, have come up with designs that use magnets, velcro and special cuts that help people with disabilities to complete simple chores like dressing up and using the bathroom without help, reported NDTV.

Murielle, a movement therapist from France, was able to use her experience to help her husband understand and develop this strategically-designed line, titled ‘Move Ability’. “If I cannot move completely and freely, I need to concentrate on what my body can do…. We worked on the idea of how to adapt beautiful clothes to people who cannot move like we do,” said the proud mother in an interview with NDTV.

Tilotima looks happy in her bespoke clothing

She regularly dances with her daughter as part of her movement therapy.

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Joe is currently trying to reach NGOs and corporate companies to subsidise his designs, so they are available at affordable rates to differently-abled families across the country. Recently, "we designed 'Move Ability' pants for a lady in Mumbai who has a prosthetic leg," he told HuffPost India.

“Clothes with buttons and zips are difficult for me, but the clothes my father designs are very easy to handle,” said Tilotima.

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