17/11/2015 1:01 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

South India Looks Absolutely Stunning From Space

Scott Kelly/ Nasa/ Twitter

International Space Station Commander Scott Kelly who is now in day 234 of his #YearInSpace mission, tweeted out a stunning image of South India just a day ago. Just before hitting the sack, the NASA astronaut wished his earthbound audience 'goodnight' on Twitter with this pretty picture:

While this picture should revive the hopes of dejected fans who were taken in by the fake sparkly Diwali image picture, it is just one of the many stunning clicks, Kelly has in his collection.

Earlier in the day, he greeted the world with a vivid blue and orange-hued vision of South Africa:

And then snuck in a glimpse of Dubai before calling it a day:

The astronaut has also started receiving several requests from eager fans to snap their respective countries.

Follow Scott Kelly's journey in space through Twitter here.

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