17/11/2015 5:47 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

This 29-Year-Old Was Assaulted With Semen In Broad Daylight


On Tuesday , Mehak Sabat, a media professional from Mumbai, experienced an assault which would leave most people at a loss for words.

Sabat was traveling in an auto rickshaw when she felt something trickle down her leg. The 29-year-old thought it was water. But she was shocked to discover that it was actually semen that had been thrown at her by some men for absolutely no reason.

The culprits had already fled the scene when Sabat looked up. The young lady posted an angry tweet about this gross incident, but refused to involve the police. She explained her reasons to HuffPost India in an email.

"My friends and I were groped and molested by a bunch of kids at the Howrah Station in 2006-7 (I don't remember the year properly) and at that point they had a small chowki inside the station. When I approached the police while the kids were busy molesting my friends, they told me they are on a break and could not attend to my needs right away. In the meantime a gentleman had come to our rescue and pushed them away. After around 10-15 minutes a policeman walked up to us and asked us about what had happened. When I told him that we were groped by a bunch of kids he laughed at us and told us that ragpickers in this station wouldn't bother with such stuff. That he did not take us seriously was appalling. All this because our molesters were kids in the age group of 6-10 and we were older than them."

After relating this incident, Sabat told HuffPost about how her friends have been stalked in the passed, subjected to lewd comments, and touched inappropriately.

“I once saw a man masturbate by the pavement at Juhu Circle,” she wrote in her email. “Neither was he looking at anyone, nor was he touching anyone… but to me incidents like these qualify for harassment.”

Sabat is not alone in feeling that these harassment issues are not taken seriously in the country. Just three months ago, a woman in Mumbai was molested by a man who masturbated in front of her in broad daylight.

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One Twitter user blamed the incident on Sabat's hair colour.

“We raise our boys to be so entitled that they do not realise when they are crossing the lines,” she wrote in her email. “Having said that, there are a lot of decent men, but I wish they weren’t overshadowed because of depraved people like these."

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