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Man Mortgages Wife For Loan, Later Kills Lender To Get Her Back, Say Police

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Equality of the sexes: Les Bas Bleus, 19th century (1956). Goodbye my dear, I am going to see my publishers and shall most likely be late home. Don't forget to give Dodore his pap twice again. In the mid 19th century French satririst Honore Daumier published a series of cartoons on the subject of Les Bas Bleus (bluestockings), the French women's liberation movement. A print from Ideas, a volume about the origin and early history of many things, common and less common, essential and inessential, by Readers Union, the Grosvenor Press, London, 1956. (Photo by The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images)

Police in Haryana have uncovered a bizzare plot involving a man who had allegedly offered his wife to his friend as collateral for a loan of Rs 30,000. Police said the migrant from Bihar later murdered the lender when he refused to release his wife.

Mohammad Golam, also a native of Bihar, was strangulated and beaten to death two weeks ago. When police started investigating, the needle of suspicion fell on Sabir Ali and his wife Salma who used to run a tiffin service together and knew the victim reported The Times Of India.

Police said Golam had allegedly agreed to keep Salma as mortgage while Sabir travelled for work, sometimes accompanied by their three children. Golum and Salma meanwhile travelled together to his native village in Bihar and to other places in Himachal Pradesh, TOI reported.

Trouble started when Sabir paid up the loaned amount and demanded that Golam release his wife, three months ago.

"Golam sought Rs 20,000 more as interest. Sabir claims he even paid this additional amount on October 31, but Golam refused to let Salma go. Following this he, along with his wife, hatched the conspiracy to kill Golam," DSP Rajinder Kumar told TOI.

Police are of the opinion that Salma conspired in Golam's murder.

"She helped her husband and other co-accused by making Golam get out of the house," he said.

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