16/11/2015 9:13 PM IST | Updated 28/09/2016 5:13 PM IST

WATCH: John Oliver's Hilarious Take On Modi's UK Visit And The Kohinoor

Comedian and Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has taken cognisance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's high profile visit to the United Kingdom and the imminent transfer of the Kohinoor diamond from the UK to India. Not.

Coinciding with PM Modi's visit, last week, Indian activists and celebrities made a plan to sue Queen Elizabeth II over the diamond.

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In a hilarious summation of Britain's refusal to give the diamond back, Oliver said: "I understand that you want the diamond, but the thing is that we have the diamond, you don't and we're going to keep having it forever. So in summary, finders keepers, go **** yourself. Cheerio."

On his visit to India in 2013, British Prime Minister David Cameron said, "They're not having that back."

Bringing it home, Oliver described the British Museum as "an active crime scene."

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