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Sachin Tendulkar Fans Are Giving British Airways The Full Maria Sharapova Treatment

Indian students wave as they stand near a giant banner showing Indian cricket player Sachin Tendulkar put up on a wall of their school in Ahmadabad, India, Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013. Tendulkar will retire from international cricket after playing his 200th test match in Mumbai from Nov. 14-18. (AP Photo/ Siddharaj Solanki)

"Sachin who?"

Well, if you are ever caught asking this question to an Indian, you have had it. Just ask Maria Sharapova.

Last year, the World No 3 tennis player had said in an interview that she did not know who Tendulkar is after she was unable to identify the cricketing legend present in the Wimbledon royal box alongside David Beckham. Her response had led to angry blogs and Twitter hashtags trends that probably still haunt her.

And now, British Airways is getting the same treatment from Tendulkar's fans.

This morning, Tendulkar tweeted to British Airways, complaining about their 'bad service' and 'don't care attitude'.

In his tweets, Tendulkar says that his family member's British Airways ticket did not get confirmed even though the airline had seats available. To make matters worse, the airline carried the luggage to the wrong destination.

British Airways, in response, tweeted back to him asking him for his details — his full name, address and the baggage reference number.

Yes, his "full name". Uh oh.

Furious that the airline did not know their idol's name, Tendulkar's fans decided they weren't taking any of this.

Indeed, how dare they? And, how can they not know his address?

It just made Indians very angry...

Really angry...

Old skeletons resurfaced...

Will this doom BA in India? Tendulkar fans certainly believe so...

At the very least, BA should be ashamed of itself, say fans...

...or else...

BA, did you just hammer the final nail in this coffin?

We wonder what Modi has to say.

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