13/11/2015 7:27 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

This Traditional Post-Diwali War Ritual In Madhya Pradesh Has Injured 150 People This Year

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Over 100 people were injured when they attacked each other with burning Hingots (a hollow fruit stuffed with gunpowder) at Gautampura area near Indore during a traditional Diwali event, police said today.

"150 people were injured during the Hingot war event last night at Gautampura, some 55 km from here, when they attacked each other with Hingots which were hurled like missiles. The injured were given first aid at the spot and allowed to go," a police sub-inspector said.

Hingot War is an age-old tradition of residents of Gautampura, which is observed a day after Diwali. In this exercise, 'warriors' are categorised in two groups namely Turra of Gautampura and Kalgi of Rungi village who attack each other with burning Hingots.

There have been demands from many sections seeking a ban on Hingot wars as they leave many people injured every year.

However, no call has been taken as the event is associated with religious sentiments of locals.

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