12/11/2015 6:25 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

After The Story Of A Woman's Harassment Went Viral, Police On Twitter Get Into Action

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Women are no stranger to calls, texts and now WhatsApp messages from unknown people, especially men. Most women also tend to deal with such unsolicited attention and advances by blocking the said numbers, hoping that will lay off the creepy men.

However, what if you encounter a particularly pestering variety of these creeps, who will keep calling you from different numbers?

A woman, who goes by the name Ms. Chanandler Bong on Twitter, had been facing harassment from a restaurant delivery boy for almost one year. She had reportedly complained to the local police too, but to no avail. However, after she received a call from the same man way past midnight a couple of days back, she posted an angry complaint on Twitter which went viral. Soon after she was flooded with support from various people and Bangalore's police were goaded into action by the huge social media support she received.

The woman recollected that a man from a local restaurant she had ordered food from, had started pestering her for 'freindship' soon after he delivered the parcel to her apartment where she lived alone. She blocked his number later, but kept getting calls from various numbers. The calls didn't stop even after she moved to another city.

So she posted the following tweets on 10 November:

After the tweet got over 700 retweets, many officials from the Bangalore Police took note and got in touch with her on Twitter to help her.

Finally, in the evening today, she expressed her gratitude to the officials who had gotten in touch with to help her nail the harasser via Twitter.

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