10/11/2015 8:06 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

You Won't Believe This Diwali Prank That Ajay Devgn Pulled Off!

Ajay Devgn, the perpetual prankster, has come up with quite an typical way to say no to crackers this Diwali: the Drishyam actor, who was in cahoots with his entire Shivaay team, decided to play a prank on a sleeping crew member by planting a tiny bomb on his posterior.

While this probably shouldn't be attempted to be replicated (the video posts disclaimers about this being a graphically generated video effect, and this stunt should not be tried at home), it certainly makes for an entertaining watch. Especially the ending, where, amidst much giggles and merriment, the Shivaay team (including one red-faced victim) then wish their audience a very happy Diwali.

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