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Ranbir Kapoor Will Face Off Against Great-Granddad Prithviraj Kapoor In Theatres This Friday

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Ranbir Kapoor will be seen in theatres this week as the male lead of Imtiaz Ali's Tamasha, but did you know that he won't be the only Kapoor with a release this Friday?

The late Prithviraj Kapoor, Ranbir's great-grandfather, will grace the big screen with his towering presence as well, with the re-release of Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai (1969). A Punjabi language partition drama directed by Ram Maheshwari, the film has been digitally restored in colour and will be dubbed in multiple languages, reported Mumbai Mirror.

A still from 'Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai' featuring the late Prithviraj Kapoor

Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai featured the senior Kapoor, head of the most famous family in Bollywood, as the patriarch Gurmukh Singh and is said to be the first "major hit" among Punjabi films in independent India. It also reportedly features the Dalai Lama, then 24 years old, and the Golden Temple in its opening sequences.

"The original had released on the 500th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak. Today with the growing intolerance, we thought it could revive feelings of unity and peace in Punjab. With the film being digitally restored, it's a great watch," said Rahul Mittra, filmmaker and head of Raju Chadha's production house and studio (which has spearheaded the restoration), to Mirror.

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