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Maggi Noodles Will Be Back In Markets Today

Maggi Noodles Rice Mania, Chili Chow. The peas and sliced chicken sausages are my improvisation ;-)Maggi noodles have been the staple of millions of Indian households when it comes to fast-cook food. Thinking of the number of resident scholars (aka hostellers), working people and snackers who turn to Maggi noodles for the most awesome 2-minute food available is mind boggling.I've always respected Nestle's skill in making processed and semi-processed foods and the introduction of wheat flour and rice noodles (not to forget Lean Cuisine) takes that respect up a few notches.Featured chopsticks graciously provided by teemus.

NEW DELHI -- Much to the delight of Indians ahead of Diwali, Nestle India announced on Monday that Maggi noodles will hit the markets today.

"Your favorite Maggi Noodles are now back. Delighted to hand over Maggi Noodles to consumers to whom it belongs," Nestle India tweeted.

"Maggi Noodles rightfully belongs to the consumers and I feel happy to be able to give back to them their familiar taste during the auspicious and festive Deepawali season," Suresh Narayanan, Chairman and Managing director of Nestle India said.

Nestle India had announced earlier their stand has been vindicated after 100 percent of Maggi Noodles samples sent from the newly manufactured stocks tested by three laboratories were cleared.

Maggi is presently manufacturing at Nanjangud (Karnataka), Moga (Punjab) and Bicholim (Goa). For the other two locations at Tahliwal and Pantnagar, they have been engaging with the relevant authorities in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand to obtain directions for commencing the manufacture of the noodles.

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