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PHOTOS: Acid Attack Survivor Laxmi Proudly Poses With Her 7-Month-Old Daughter Pihu

Laxmi Saa/Facebook

Dressed in yellow and grinning away at the camera for a selfie with her seven-month-old baby Pihu and partner Aloke, acid attack survivor Laxmi appears proud and happy to pose.

For somebody who has been met with stares and hostility, whenever she appeared in public, finding love and a soulmate seemed to be a hopeless task right up to the time until she met Aloke Dixit, 28, with whom she now runs the Stop Acid Attack Campaign.

Disfigured beyond recognition in an acid attack, 26-year-old Laxmi, who goes by a single name, announced last week that she's the mother of a seven-month-old daughter Pihu. Like her mother, Pihu too will not bear a surname.

"Pihu does not have a surname, neither would she have one. We encountered a few problems while making the birth certificate but ultimately it has the name of both the mother and father because both of us are together," Laxmi told PTI.

In 2005, Laxmi was attacked with acid in a busy marketplace when she was only 16-years-old by a man, twice her age, Nd whose advances she rejected.

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