08/11/2015 5:23 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Twitter Takes The Mickey Out Of BJP After Humbling Bihar Election Results


In the months leading up to the Bihar elections, bitter battles of perception were being fought in the online space between the supporters of various stakeholders. Just as the BJP trolls were out to screenshot, ridicule and discredit unfavourable opinion, their adversaries were hitting back with equal energy through commentary on Twitter.

Terms such as 'bhakts', 'Hindu trolls', 'adarsh liberals' and 'pseudoseculars' were being thrown around, some even appropriated by politicians to subdue and defame the opposition. It was a close call from the very beginning in one of the electorally most crucial states in India between the NDA and the grand alliance of RJD, JD(U) and LJP. So naturally, there was a lot of anticipation regarding judgement day, today.

But as the trends started to come in, it was clear that the alliance has won. Soon, the bloodbath started on Twitter. The jokes were spreading like wildfire. Some were definitely cruel, while some users were just out there to have a good laugh.

Here are a few.

Ouch. Definitely below the belt.

The very popular before/after memes.

Here's another one.

Udder rubbish!

And no one's going to let Amit Shah forget this.

Yes, this tweeter went there.

And it's not just the BJP that were being trolled.

The former CM of Jammu and Kashmir joined in.

You heard that one about the deleted Axis poll?

:( Uncool.

Word is they ordered a 100 kgs.

Did someone mention the Congress?

And what's a tweet round-up without a Ramesh Srivats tweet?

One more.

You can't win them all, BJP. You can't win them all.

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