07/11/2015 2:37 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

This Family's 111-Day Road Trip From Bengaluru To Paris Will Make You Want To Take A Holiday Now


111 days. 11 countries. 22,780kms. One family. This pretty much sums up the Baid family's epic road trip that has set some real travel goals.

Anand and Punita with their children Yash and Driti drove from Bengaluru to Paris in 111 days and visited 11 countries on the way.

The Baid family, christened themselves ‘Little Family of Indian Explorers’ or L.I.F.E, and set out on their journey in their Fiat Linea.

They chalked out a map route taking into account the interests of every member of the family. While Punita wished to travel to Paris, Yash, a keen FC Barcelona fan demanded a trip to Spain.

The journey started on 8 April.

The Baid family first reached Nepal, where they encountered the earthquake. They were stuck there for 5 days.

Being strict vegetarians and to ensure they don't have to face any gastronomic issues, Punita decided to carry her portable stove. She would whip up some simple fare with basic ingredients whenever they couldn't find vegetarian meal.

Broadly modelled on the ancient Silk Route, team L.I.F.E’s roadmap started from India and went on to Nepal, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain and finally ended at France.

Punita took a two-month sabbatical, her husband Anand quit his job and the two kids were allowed an extended leave from their school to go on this adventure trip.

China was a completely new experience for them.

On their journey to Korla, they saw dunes that were easily over 20 floors high. "One of those pictures that the actual scale does little justice here. And these ran for a few kms. atleast. Unbelievable sight!," the family posted on a Facebook page that they created to share their experience.

In Kyrgyzstan, the landscape changed within hours.

They got to see the "Door to Hell" in Turkmenistan.

They met some lovely people on their travel. “The one that really took our breath away a woman in Uzbekistan who paid for our entire meal without us even knowing. All because she loved India and the Taj Mahal.”

This was at the Imam Square in Iran.

In Turkey, while they waited for their car to get serviced, they also captured some picturesque moments.

Greece was spellbinding too.

The Baid family flew back to India from Paris on 28 July, and their trusted car – the “fifth member” of their family – was shipped back safe and sound.

Would they do such a trip again? In a heartbeat.

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