06/11/2015 8:32 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

The Morning Wrap: Emami Gets Sued Rs 15 Lakh For Unfairness Cream; Dogs To Get UID In Kochi

Fairness komt dus met een lichtere tint ... Opmerkelijk product.

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A number of exit polls gave the Nitish Kumar-led Mahagathbandhan the edge in Bihar assembly elections that concluded this evening. At least two forecasters said the opposing BJP-led alliance will win convincingly.

Twenty-four of India's top artists associated with the film industry, including writer Arundhati Roy, filmmakers Saeed Mirza and Kundan Shah, and cinematographers Ranjan Palit and Manoj Lobo gave up their National Awards on Thursday, citing government interference in appointments at national institutions and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's silence in the face of incidents of right wing intolerance.

Nandan Sharalaya rues the culture of bribery and gifts that were rampant during the Bihar polls. "Politicians are innovating with every passing day. How is the Election Commission expected to ever catch up?"

When it was convenient, the government prominently displayed Moody's analyst Faraz Syed's analysis of the Indian economy on the Ministry of External Affairs website.

Main News

Prithika Yashini survived daunting odds to become the first transgender police officer in Tamil Nadu.

In a major setback to Mumbai police, all cases against gangster Chhota Rajan have been handed over to the CBI.

In an unprecedented step, the Supreme Court on Thursday decided to seek the views of the general public, academicians and lawyers across the country on how to reform the 'opaque' judges-selecting-judges collegium system.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s plans for the ambitious Digital India programme include an experimental technology pilot in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency of Varanasi.

Off The Front Page

Canines living within the Kochi city limits will soon have a unique identification number embedded on a microchip, under their skin.

Air India, which had decided earlier this year to ground overweight and obese flight attendants, has changed course to argue that the government-imposed weight standards are too "unrealistic to implement."

Three years on, an unfair trade practices suit moved by a 23-year-old, Nikhil through his law student brother Paras - who was then 20 - has got a district consumer court in Delhi to impose a Rs 15-lakh fine on skin and healthcare giant Emami.

A man who claims to be a “monk” living in Delhi has filed a public interest litigation (PIL) before Delhi High Court seeking directions to create a law banning sale of beef and related products on the lines of laws in Maharashtra and provisions of the Ranbir Penal Code of Jammu and Kashmir.


Smita Gupta says that the cohesive performance by the Nitish-Lalu combine may have tilted the scales in its favour. "If the Grand Alliance started the campaign as an underdog, it began to increasingly look like a winner, largely because Mr. Kumar and Mr. Prasad buried the rivalries of the past and communicated enough positive energy to their party workers to ensure that a majority worked in sync through the campaign."

Swapan Dasgupta takes on the 'liberals' of the world and accuses them of confining and conforming debate to pre-drawn conclusions. "In terms of the liberal consensus, Modi is an affront and must be brought down a notch or two. Don't, therefore, be surprised if the rally for 60,000 doting Indians at Wembley stadium on November 13 becomes the occasion for gratuitous comparisons with rallies in the town of Nuremberg."

Khaled Mohammed extends a cordial invitation to Shah Rukh Khan to settle in Pakistan and throws in a primer of the changes that he must bring to his career and way of living. "Khan will doubtlessly revive the Pakistani film industry, which has hit a long trough after General Zia-ul-Haq’s pious decade in the 1980s. I have no doubt he will appreciate that he can’t be cavorting around in them with half-naked heroines, the way he does in vulgar India. Pakistanis, who flock to cinemas to see his films, turn their faces away when such love scenes come on."

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