04/11/2015 5:11 PM IST | Updated 28/09/2016 5:12 PM IST



It might be a topic of conversation – especially in Delhi; an excuse to miss office; a trigger for hot samosas and chai or the moody blues. Whether you use it as an inspiration or an excuse, the weather affects each and every one of us in ways we do not even realise. Read on for a quick – and light-hearted - weather report and the state of the nation.

If you live in northern India, this is the month when quilts and rajais get inspected for their winter-worthiness. Wait another ten days and you'll pay much more for that pullover you can't postpone. A place directly under the sun is going to be envied, because you could shiver in the shade even during the day.

The west coast is a different story. You have an umbrella tucked under your arm for 15 weeks in a year, and know what an afternoon newspaper is? You, Mumbaikar, can deal with waterlogging. When the local tracks are flooded, you literally take it in your stride.

Just like the cultivator - that son or daughter of the soil labours among the crops through rain and shine! Be certain that no one has a keener eye on the weather than they, or more at stake. And they hardly think of their own comfort; how the weather will affect the harvest is all they are concerned about.

One nasty turn – too dry a spell - and all that ploughing and seeding and watering and tending can fetch too little in return. So much uncertainty, still they must sow and reap, for they have promises to keep. Our kisans may or may not ever buy whatever goods or services your own industry or line of work has to offer to society. However, there is no one in society who's not a regular taker for a farmer's produce. Few of us spare a thought for these stalwart producers and what they go through to bring us that top quality emmer or dicoccum wheat. You just added two words to your vocab? You could easily add more than a couple of smiles to our farmers’ faces and those of their families’!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui conveys this rather well in this video given below:

Take a look, but more importantly, you can act. You can contribute to farmer upliftment – this page #SeedTheRise tells you more about five NGOs that are aiding India's farmers in tackling their everyday challenges.