02/11/2015 10:31 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

PM Modi Has Turned A Deaf Ear To Everyone's Concerns, Says Congress

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gestures as he prepares to address delegates during the India-Africa Forum Summit in New Delhi on October 29, 2015. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will spell out his vision for the future of his country's economic relations with Africa, as he addresses the major India-Africa Forum Summit in New Delhi. AFP PHOTO / Money SHARMA (Photo credit should read MONEY SHARMA/AFP/Getty Images)

NEW DELHI -- A day after the Centre asserted that India remains a 'tolerant society', the Congress on Monday lashed out at the NDA-led Government saying the country was heading for destruction given the current state of events and accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of turning a deaf ear to everyone's concerns.

"There is rampant fear in the country but the government does not seem to understand that. They think that whoever speaks against them is either their enemy or the Congress' friend. This government that is under duress from the RSS wants to ensure that intolerance grows, so that they can polarize and keep winning polls. That's their strategy," Congress leader Rashid Alvi told ANI.

Stressing on the reeling pressure the government was under by the RSS, Alvi said that the right-wing organisation was high on power and expected their ideologies to be implemented throughout the country, not matter if anyone agreed with them or not.

"Prime Minister Modi comes on the radio every month and shares RSS' 'Mann ki Baat' through his own words. The nation is heading towards destruction if the government continues on this path and it's alarming that they can't see that," Alvi said.

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Talking about the growing protest against intolerance in the nation, he added that besides artists, film makers and literary icons, even scientists and businessmen have joined the agitating chorus now and the government was still sitting adamant with 'cotton stuffed up their ears'.

"The protest by the literary icons is justified. It's time the government realises that they should distance themselves from the RSS. They have three more years left in power and they are going to leave devastation in their wake," Alvid added.

Reiterating the government's stand that 'intolerance' was not on the rise in the country, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had yesterday asserted that India remains a highly tolerant and liberal society while accusing 'obstructers', mainly the Congress, left thinkers and activists, of 'wanting to project India as an intolerant society'.

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