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Stuck In Delhi Traffic For 4 Hours, Woman Forced To Deliver Baby Inside An Auto-Rickshaw

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NEW DELHI--Forced by Delhi's nightmare traffic to deliver her baby boy on an autorickshaw and receiving 35 stitches in the process, Roshni and the infant today went back home, a day after the dramatic ordeal which saw her being stuck on the road for four hours on the way to a hospital.

The doctor who conducted her delivery said that 28-year- old Roshni, who gave birth to her first child, and the newly- born boy, Shehzad, are both out of danger now.

Thanks to an MCD councillor that the doctor from a nearby hospital could come to her assistance on Thursday night and facilitated the delivery.

Roshni gave birth to Shehzad after being caught in traffic for close to four hours on a day which had seen restrictions in place in the national capital for the India-Africa summit.

She was travelling in an autorickshaw with her mother-in- law as her husband, Salman, followed behind on a motorcycle, but could not make it to a hospital just 3km away.

A passerby, who happened to work in the area councillor Rekha Rani's office, saw Roshni's plight and informed the former. Roshni was then rushed to a nearby nursing home via alternative routes but, with her condition worsening, the delivery was done before she could be put in a hospital bed.

The doctor met them outside and the delivery was conducted in the autorickshaw itself.

"Roshni was bleeding profusely and was in an unconscious state. There was no way that she could have been shifted to the labour room so we covered the auto with sheets and her delivery was conducted in the autorickshaw only," said Dr Neerja Johri, Doctor, Muskan Hospital.

"She received 35 stitches. The baby and mother are both healthy now," she added.

With the city hosting the representatives of 54 African nations for a massive summit between Monday and Thursday, traffic was thrown out of gear with the major routes being blocked for VIP movement.

Mile-long jams were reported in these past four days, leaving commuters stranded on the roads for hours.

Rekha Rani, the councillor, later said, "Had they (Roshni and her family) waited to reach the hospital for the delivery, something unfortunate would have occurred as the traffic was terribly heavy."

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