29/10/2015 12:17 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Want Shopkeepers To Stop Giving Toffees Instead Of Change? Nana Patekar Has A Winning Strategy

If you were to save the toffees you have been given all your life at supermarkets instead of loose change, you could probably turn Santa Claus for a day, or host a toffee sale. In a world where getting loose change is only next in difficulty to cracking CAT, toffees can be far from being sweet replacements for money.

If you have always been lost for comebacks when the cashier at the supermarket hands over two-three toffees or candies instead of giving you the two-three rupee change you deserve, this Nana Patekar video may come to your help.

This one-minute clip from the 2010 film Tumi Milo To Sahi shows Nana Patekar cutting a dismissive store attendant to size. When she says she doesn't have change and hands him toffees, Patekar opens his shoes and places it on the counter. He then says that he would like to pay for the stuff he bought from the store with one shoe, which cost him about Rs 190.

To which the store manager comes running and gives him the Rs 1.50 he was supposed to get.

Well, this was in a film and Nana Patekar can perfectly pull off these stunts. However, in desperate times (when we badly need loose change), if you need to come up with desperate measures, look no further than this video.

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