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The Morning Wrap: Late President Kalam Is Star Of India-Africa Summit; Equity Is The New Donation At India's Holy Sites

PRAKASH SINGH via Getty Images
New Delhi, INDIA: India's outgoing President A P J Abdul Kalam waves while meeting guests during a reception at the Presidential palace in New Delhi, 22 July 2007. Kalam's term expires on 24 July and he is set to be replaced by Pratibha Patil, (72), a politician nominated by the ruling Congress Party and who will become India's first woman president. AFP PHOTO/Prakash SINGH (Photo credit should read PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images)

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A major earthquake struck the remote Afghan northeast on Monday, killing at least 4 in India and 135 in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

One of India's most dreaded gangsters on the run from law enforcement agencies for over two decades, Chhota Rajan, was finally arrested from Bali, Indonesia, the Central Bureau Of Investigation confirmed Monday.

Bharat Sethuraman exhorts fellow Hindus to love, for 'love is the highest ideal.'

It's an ending straight out of Salman Khan's blockbuster Bajrangi Bhaijaan. A deaf woman Geeta who was stranded in Pakistan for 11 years after accidentally crossing the border, has finally come back home to India. It's a different matter that she refuses to identify 'her' parents.

Here are 9 lesser-known facts about Chota Rajan and his connection to the underworld of Mumbai.

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Activists from a right wing group created a ruckus at Kerala House near Jantar Mantar on Monday, alleging that the canteen there was serving cow meat (in the name of beef on the menu).

BJP leader Arun Shourie today likened the Narendra Modi government to "the Congress plus a cow", accusing it of "managing the headlines" instead of the economy and claiming "people had started recalling Manmohan Singh's days."

At the ongoing India-Africa summit in New Delhi, the star of the proceedings is late President Abdul Kalam.

Access to Facebook's forthcoming townhall meeting at IIT Delhi will is being mediated through a lottery where only 1-in-10 students at the institute will get through.

Off The Front Page

Meet the singing bureaucrat of Aurangabad who after his day job as a civil servant collecting drought statistics in Maharashtra becomes a troubadour and sings devotional songs and uses counselling to convince farmers to not commit suicide.

If you say you’re unhappy in Dubai, the police may call to ask you why as part of a new survey. The online poll, unveiled in recent days, comes as Dubai tries to break into the top 10 rankings of world’s happiest cities by 2021.

The tantrik (black magician) who was shown hugging, kissing Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and chanting ‘Nitish Kumar zindabad, Lalu Prasad murdabad’ in a video clip is found to be quite “unpopular and a drunkard” in a Bihar village where he has taken shelter for the last four years.

The more affluent among India's temples, churches and masjids are becoming shareholders of companies listed on domestic exchanges. Over 50 trusts in charge of such places of worship have opened demat accounts in the past few months as a growing number of wealthy devotees are offering shares instead of the conventional practice of donating cash and gold.


Harbans Mukhia says that the Hindutva brigade finds certain versions of Indian history unpalatable because they themselves are mired in colonial thinking, when contemporary historiography has gone far beyond. "It is this immense diversity and its inescapable premise — discussion, disputation and debate at a level of professional competence — that the Hindutva brigade finds so uncomfortable, largely because history can no longer revert to mono-causal explanations, which is its sole and entire worldview."

Manish Sabharwal says that 'unrealistic' visions can play a positive role in inspiring a nation to push themselves to higher levels of achievement. "The odds have always been tough for India, but odds can change radically with unrealistic ambition."

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