20/10/2015 3:55 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

3 Year-Old Child Rescued From 100 Feet-Deep Borewell, Declared 'Brought Dead' At Hospital

Paul Ponraj/Flickr
A dry well, not completely abandoned, as they have tried to drill a borewell right through it. Looked scary from on top, so I was a bit wary while taking this shot.

MORENA, Madhya Pradesh -- 3 year-old Raghav who fell into a 100-foot-deep borewell here on Sunday passed away early morning today despite being fished out successfully, as he was declared 'brought dead' when taken to the hospital.

Head injury is the reason being told for his death even though he was successfully pulled out from the borewell.

Immediately after his rescue he was rushed to the hospital in the ambulance that was on standby, but was declared brought dead.

Earlier on Sunday, the child fell into the borewell when he was playing in the fields.

Machines had been working to dig a parallel tunnel in order to save the child and an oxygen tube had been passed down to help him breathe.

Besides the rescue operation teams and the police, the army had also been brought in to get as much help possible to ensure the child was rescued.

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