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The Morning Wrap: Four Punjab Politicos Resign Over Sikh Holy Book Desecration; Meat Eaters Banned From Epic Ramlila Roles

NARINDER NANU via Getty Images
Indian Punjab Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majithia (C) carries the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh holy book ) following a religious punishment for altering a Sikh hymn to include the name of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for Amritsar in India's general election Arun Jaitley at the Golden Temple in Amritsar on May 14, 2014. Sikh religious officials ordered Majithia to undertake a period of community service. AFP PHOTO/NARINDER NANU (Photo credit should read NARINDER NANU/AFP/Getty Images)

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo replaced PepsiCo as the title sponsor for the Indian Premier League (IPL) on Sunday, after the beverage giant suddenly pulled out of its five-year deal, until 2017, with IPL.

Amit Shah summoned 4 BJP leaders including Sangeet Som and ML Khattar and reportedly gave them an earful for their recent communally-abrasive statements.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley argues that the Supreme Court has made several errors in striking down the National Judicial Appointments Commission.

Here are 11 lesbians from history you'd do well to know about.

Thou shall not take the name of rice in vain. There are 40,000 varieties of them and work differently on varied constitutions.

53-year old Prosenjit Chatterjee, the heart-throb of Tollywood, has kept himself contemporary at work and at home.

Main News

In signs of an intensifying crisis for the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) over the repeated desecration of the Guru Granth Sahib, Ramanjit Singh Sikki, the Congress MLA of Khandoor Sahib, resigned from the Assembly on Sunday, while three high-profile SAD members quit their party.

Amazon, the world's largest online marketplace, is suing more than 1,000 people who it accuses of offering to write fake reviews on its website.

Rahul Gandhi would bring with him a new team for Congress when he takes over as its President by March next year or even earlier, senior leader Jairam Ramesh today said, indicating that leaders above the age of 60 may only play an advisory role under the new dispensation.

The Ethanol Blending Programme of the Centre to cut its fuel import bill is in trouble, with the competition watchdog's investigation wing finding evidence of "cartelisation" in the sale of the chemical through bidding.

Off The Front Page

Former Congress leader Cherian Philip on Sunday said that women in the party had to perform sexual favours to get ticket to contest elections. Philip, a one-time associate of senior leader A K Antony, made the comment in his Facebook page.

Muslim actors who played prominent roles in the Ram lila in the celebrations at Faizabad are being relegated to smaller parts "because they eat meat" during the celebrations.

There are now a slew of apps that allow prospective surgeons to practice and refer to medical texts, before they perform surgeries.

The Indian chapter of high-IQ society Mensa has found several potential Indian geniuses who live in poverty and frequently unaware of their talents.


Ramachandra Guha opines that Arun Jaitley's blog criticizing authors' return of their Sahiya awards is "puzzling." "These Punjabi and Hindi poets, Malayalam and Kannada novelists, are perhaps invisible from Jaitley's radar. But they are known to, and sometimes targeted by, malcontents and murderers who (too often alas) claim some kinship with the wider Sangh Parivar, of which he is also a part."

Rohan Mukherjee traces a larger arc of neo-nationalists--from India to Japan- who are young, digitally-connected and not above the use of violence to stamp a particular narrative of history." These new nationalists maintain strength in numbers, and move swiftly to muzzle dissent. Their preferred mode of attack is to question their opponent's credentials and eventually label them a traitor or agent of the other. They are revisionists, vilifying votaries of the existing social order as soft on threats to the nation, both internal and external. If necessary, they are willing to threaten or resort to violence to achieve their aims."

Arghya Sengupta expresses passionate anguish over the Supreme Court's NJAC judgement. " The NJAC judgment is at its core, founded on a combination of mistrust of government, lack of respect for the people of India together with unquestioned faith in your own absolute competence as judges."

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