15/10/2015 3:41 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

WATCH: Instagram Has Some Serious Entertainment To Offer This Navratri

Come Navrati, and this Instagram message says it all:

This nine-day festival is dedicated to the nine avatars of the Indian deity Durga and is celebrated in an explosion of colour, song and dance. Most Navratri festivals have people rushing to dress up and then turn up at garba programmes. Preparations are done feverishly in the days leading up to the festival.

This season is no different. Scores of videos, colourful ensembles, dandiya invites and sticks have been jostling for space on social media since Tuesday. The proof lies in Instagram.

A bird's eye view of what over-excited garba gossip looks like

How to (not) impress Gujarati girls

Special shoutout to the feller who tagged this video as #garba to get some extra likes:

This video wins awesome-dancing-of-the-day award

While this one walks away with most-boring-garba-of-the-year... (also we're not sure what this instagrammer was trying to zoom in on)

Thanks to garba, we've discovered India's version of the bunnyhop

Meanwhile in Northolt....#garba #moreismore #navratri #linedancing

A video posted by @alps321 on

An empty hall can't stop these folks!

Another garba, another ramjanyo 😁 #garba #navratri

A video posted by Adam Bharmal (@adambharmal) on

No seriously... what's the obsession with slow-mo?

#gmdc #Garba #slowMo #MotoXplay

A video posted by Neel (@neelhgajjar) on

When there's enough garba energy in the room, Falguni Pathak magically appears

#falgunipathak #voice #2ndday #garba 😍

A video posted by mitesh bhadra (@mitesh_bhadra) on

And finally... no festival is complete without some heavy duty indulgence

#garba #garbafestivalspecial #dubsmash #lazy #fatty #drum #dhol For all the lazy people out there... #nogarba #breaktime

A video posted by Shlok Bhandari (@shlok.kattamkator) on

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