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Leonardo DiCaprio Will Be In Delhi This Month As Part Of A Documentary On Climate Change

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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 22: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio poses for a photo following a Divest-Invest new conference on September 22, 2015 in New York City. Leonardo DiCaprio joined leaders from the financial, faith and environmental spaces to announce major new divestment commitments and release a comprehensive data of assets divested to date. The group also announced commitments to also invest in clean energy alternatives. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Climate change is an important issue, especially in a city like Delhi, where 80 people reportedly die from air pollution everyday.

Which is why it makes sense that renowned Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio is coming to the city at the end of this month as part of an upcoming documentary film on climate change (its title is yet to be announced) that will “explore the crisis of our time in a way that has never been done before”, reported The Indian Express on Wednesday.

The mega-star, who became a global superstar with the all-time blockbuster Titanic (1997) in the late '90s and went on to work with directors such as Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino, will be here on October 29, for four days, to profile Sunita Narain of the Centre for Science and Environment. Narain, a Padma Shri awardee, is currently the director general of the CSE, the director of the Society for Environmental Communications, and publisher of the fortnightly environmental magazine Down To Earth.

File photo of Sunita Narain

This will be DiCaprio's second documentary on the subject, after 2007's The 11th Hour, which he created, produced, and narrated. New York-based Insurgent Media, one of the producers of the film, stated in its application to the Ministry of External Affairs: "Our focus will be Narain’s work establishing the principle of equity in the framework convention on climate change.”

The actor is famously passionate about environmental conversation and the adverse effects of global warming. Aside from the documentary, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (which he began in 1998) has "been funding and implementing a slew of conservation projects across the world — from saving key species like sharks, tigers and elephants to protecting indigenous tribes and communities," said The Indian Express.

Narain, who has been with the CSE since 1982, is renowned for her work on rainwater harvesting (for which she was awarded the Stockholm World Water Prize in 2005), food and water safety, and advocating air pollution control. She told The Indian Express: "I have been in touch with the film makers for the past year about their plans to make a film on climate change. They wanted me to particularly talk about our concerns about the need for ambition and equity in climate negotiations. They have just informed me that they will be in Delhi on 29 and 30th and will come over to CSE for a sit down interview."

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