13/10/2015 5:57 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

6 Struggles Every Online Shopping Addict Would Face With The Flipkart, Amazon Sales


Come festive season, and you will be flooded with sales offers. Flipkart's Big Billion Days sale has already begun, kicking off five days of online shopping extravaganza that's India's Black Friday and Cyber Monday rolled into one. Add to this, Amazon's Great Indian Festive sale, (right after the Amazon India Fashion Week, mind) and you'll find yourself in the midst of some frenzied online shopping to win those best deals (or 'Lightning Deals' as Amazon calls them).

Newbie or veteran shopper, there are some struggles that every online shopper faces:

1. The finger exercise

The night before the sale begins, you need to give your fingers a lot of exercise. Because, remember, grabbing 'lighting deals' should be just with the touch of your finger. Not an easy task.

2. Expectation vs Reality

They raise your hopes before the sales. But, you know the reality is grim.

3. Damn Internet!

Being caught in a web of slow internet connection, is probably the one of the worst struggles of an online shopper.

4. Try, try, try..

You must have read the story of King Bruce and the spider that made its web after several attempts. When you're trying to shop online, this is what you need to keep reming yourself: "Try, try again till you succeed."

And, if you do succeed, you are totally allowed to put up a show like this one:

5. The problem of being banned, well almost

Those who live in Uttar Pradesh, may be well aware of this. Sometimes, these e-commerce giants will just not deliver to your address. And, you only get to know about this once you have managed to put all those 'lighting deals' in your shopping cart. That is the moment you want to pull all your hair out.

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6. The error messages just when you have almost bought the item

Oh, why, why why?

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