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Advani Condemns Attack On Kulkarni, Voices Concern Over 'Growing Intolerance'

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Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) President L.K. Advani listens to Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's speech during the Indian National Integration Council meeting in New Delhi on September 23, 2013. Measures to prevent communal disturbances and to tackle them will be discussed at the National Integration Council meeting, convened against the backdrop of Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh that has claimed 48 lives. AFP PHOTO/ Prakash SINGH (Photo credit should read PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images)

NEW DELHI -- Condemning the paint smearing attack on his one-time aide Sudheendra Kulkarni by Shiv Sena activists, BJP patriarch L K Advani today voiced concern over "growing intolerance" in the country towards any counter viewpoint.

"I strongly condemn whosoever has done it. In the last few days, there are these signs, where any person or any point of view is not acceptable, then you resort to violence or turn intolerant towards them. This is a matter of concern for the nation. Democracy must ensure tolerance for a different point of view," Advani said.

The senior BJP leader was speaking at the sidelines of an function where a journal on strategic affairs named 'Chanakya' was launched.

He, however, added that he did not have any information on who attacked Kulkarni as he is yet to communicate with him.

"I could not contact Sudheendra ji. I think, at least those who are involved with us should work to strengthen democracy and not encourage such acts of violence and disown them. I do not know who has done it and therefore I cannot name anyone. But whosoever has done it, has besmirched the good name of the country," the former deputy Prime Minister said.

Shiv Sena activists today smeared black paint on the face of Kulkarni, who is the chairman of think tank Observer Research Foundation, for organising former Pakistan foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri's book launch in Mumbai.

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