08/10/2015 3:48 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

What Would Happen If Divorces Were 'Arranged' Just Like Marriages Are In India?

What if the divorces were 'arranged' the way marriages are in many Indian households?

For starters, the ceremony would be called Roko instead of Roka.

Instead of sweetmeats, karela (bitter gourd) would be fed to (and then spat out by) the un-hubby-to-be.

The dupatta ceremony was involve a pair of scissors separating the unhappy couple, and an atypical panditji, aka lawyer would be consulted on the appropriate date of the divorce.

This video by SNG Comedy makes for a rib tickling watch. It actually sheds light on the several hypocrisies that are peddled in the name of tradition during several of these 'arranged marriages'.

Some of the choicest exchanges between the characters are as follows:

"I'm so sorry, we forgot to teach her cooking. We were very busy educating her."


"Bahu? More like boohoo!"


Another thing that remains constant is the grandmothers self-victimising talks of attaining eternal peace once their grandchildren are settled. This was possibly the only part in the video that seemed a tad forced and unnecessary, as did the groom's Americanised accent.

While it may not be as hilarious as the All India Bakchod's Real Indian Weddings Series, it's fairly entertaining.

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