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PHOTOS: Cricketers Describing Rahul Dravid Is Simply Beautiful

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If there is anyone in Indian cricket apart from Sachin Tendulkar, who has earned both respect and love of the international community, it is former Indian captain Rahul Dravid. One of the highest scorers in test cricket, Dravid has always enthralled fans with his solid, understated and reliable performance.

A writer actually described Dravid's batting skill on Sportskeeda as, "When he made his Test debut in 1996, something about him just struck the minds of many. An unorthodox back-lift was coupled with transcendental grace. He never struck the ball, for it would mean that he was being rude towards it. Instead, he kissed it with his bat."

Dravid, who retired from international and first-class cricket in 2012, was also honoured with the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan awards by the Indian Government.

Now coaching India's A Team (under-19 team) Dravid admits that it is a challenging yet engaging job.

In an interview to ESPN CricInfo, Dravid said, "I'm still learning about coaching and dealing with players - what kind of messages to give, when is the time to intervene, what is a good way to intervene... It is about getting people match-ready... You have a few conversations with people on the specific things you might notice, but you are not really looking to make too many changes and trying to change people's techniques or actions or grips."

But when in field, Dravid was a sight to behold. While some cricketers feared him, some dreaded his tenacity -- especially in test cricket.

Here's a lovely compilation on some of the little-known quotes -- from cricketers such as Brett Lee to Sachin Tendulkar -- about the legendary cricketer, courtesy, Cricket Critics.

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