06/10/2015 9:22 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Dead Foetus Found Inside 4 Year Old Boy

Neil Harding via Getty Images
The term embryo defines an unborn offspring from the moment of fertilization up to the eighth week of development. During this time all the main organs are formed.From eight weeks onwards the unborn offspring is referred to as a foetus.

JHARGRAM -- In a rare medical phenomenon, a dead foetus has been found inside the abdomen of a four-year-old boy in West Midnapore district.

The boy was admitted to a nursing home here with severe stomach pain and it was initially suspected that a tumour was causing it, Dr Sirshendu Giri, who treated the boy, said today.

However, after conducting tests like ultrasonography and CT scan, it was found that a dead embryo was inside the boy's abdomen.

He was operated upon last night and the foetus with hands, legs, nails and partially formed head was removed, Giri said.

The boy, hailing from Kharikabandh village under Binpur police station, is alright now but still under observation, he said.

This phenomenon occurs during early pregnancy when one twin enters into the other through the umbilical cord and becomes something like a parasite to the host baby. After birth, it becomes an abdominal mass, the doctor said.

This medical abnormality called "foetus in foetu" (baby within a baby) is rare as it occurrs once in every five to six lakh people, the doctor added.

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