01/10/2015 2:50 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Agra's 'Living Goddess' Rubbishes 'Samadhi' Reports, Says She Wants To Go To School

A young Agra girl who had taken social media by a storm on Wednesday after it was reported that she was planning to go into samadhi - a term popularly used to describe the death of spiritual gurus in India - has rubbished the reports today. It was also reported that when she was six-years-old, she had pledged to never speak a word. Consequently, many people in Agra came to address her as a 'living goddess'.

According to a report in the DNA, 14-year-old Neeru was going to end her vow of silence on September 28, and live a "more routine life of a child of her age". Allegedly, people in her village misread the situation and assumed that she was ready to give up her life.

When Neeru was three years old, she fasted and prayed in the fields when her village was facing a drought situation. Reportedly, she had told the villagers to organise some religious activities, which allegedly brought the rains to the village.

As the news spread, more and more 'devotees' gathered, prayed and even built a temple according to her directions, says an article in The Times of India. Her parents started to hold festivals and fairs in her name.

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But now, Neeru, her father's fifth daughter, told the DNA that reports about the samadhi were false. "I was not going to take samadhi. This is a lie people say about me," Neeru told the paper.

According to TOI, it was Neeru's father who had allegedly provoked her to take the extreme step of going into samadhi.

Not only was the family allegedly making a lot of money by peddling the girls 'goddess' status, her father would have made a killing had she decided to play along the samadhi drama. Skeptics in the village told DNA that her father would have earned no less than Rs 60,000 if they were allowed to go ahead with the plan.

Now that the samadhi reports have been dismissed by the Singh family, Hari, Neeru's father said that he was going to register her in a school. "I place a lot of importance on education," Hari told DNA, "I have taught her to read and write, all her sisters were educated and then married, my sons are studying in college," he added.

Neeru too said she wanted to go to school -- as soon as the police and the people stopped bothering her and asking questions.

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