28/09/2015 7:47 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

The Morning Wrap: Centre Moots Gun Licences With Lifetime Validity; RSS Queries If Pizza And Burger Hamper School Education

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Hyderabad, INDIA: Indian gun enthusiast Omim Debara holds a pistol, one of his licenced guns at his home in Hyderabad, 08 January 2007.The Hyderabad police are tackling a new problem as hundreds of licenses for guns issued by the government have not been renewed and many licensed arms holders have simply gone missing. Out of the 4951 license holders, 800 have not renewed their licenses and 300 are missing from the address given in record books. AFP PHOTO/NOAH SEELAM (Photo credit should read NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty Images)

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Pitching his pet Digital India initiative with the titans of the IT world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today promised to make governance more accountable and transparent while assuring data privacy and security.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is getting his share of both love and hate in New York.

Meet the future of Indian cinema or the Rangmanch girls.

Ravina Raj Kohli takes on male chauvinism in India.

At least 35 Indians have lost their lives to the tragic stampede outside the holy city of Mecca that killed at least 769 people and injured 860 others, confirmed the Indian ministry of external affairs on Sunday.

Main News

Delhi faces a myriad range of issues around the setting up of telecom towers.

The government is examining a proposal to make arms licences valid for the lifetime of the licensee, subject to periodic police verification.

The Centre has prevailed over the Gujarat government’s suggestion to let the State Home Secretary be the final authority on phone-tapping requests, by making it clear that the State cannot have ‘absolute powers’ and such decisions and clearances will only be processed by the Union Home Secretary.

The RSS wants to know if pizza and burger may be hindering the progress of schoolchildren across the country.

A joint study by Indian and Pakistani doctors has detected abnormally high blood sugar levels in six out of 10 adults in cities, indicating a "frighteningly" higher prevalence of diabetes or its precursor, pre-diabetes, than previously observed.

Off The Front Page

An Indian man who lost his wife to a stray bullet from an IRA protest in Ireland in 1974, finds redemption after his son gets selected for the junior World Cup.

Police arrested a 33-year-old advocate with a Noida-based corporate firm from a mall in Saket Saturday evening on charges of filming women on the sly with a spy camera tucked between the lace of his right shoe.

Narendra Modi seemed to be fighting back tears when speaking about the hardships his mother endured bringing him up.

The Archaeological Survey of India has taken the Armenian church of Kolkata to task for destroying some of its tombs and neglect of historic paintings.

Shares of relatively little known information technology (IT) companies have seen frenzied activity on the bourses in the last one year.


Shiv Viswanathan says that Hardik Patel is " one of India’s most watched political serials. He represents a movement, enacts a fable and constitutes, along with Indrani Mukerjea, the two great aspirational tales of contemporary India..."

Mukul Kesavan reasons why he's constantly criticizing political tribalism. "To criticize the Hindutvavadi Right is to not to take party-political sides; it is to argue that the republic shouldn't take sides. When a party peddles a 'Hindu' or a 'Muslim' or a 'Buddhist' republic, it is trying to rig the political game in a way which would make it impossible for that republic's citizens to be freely political."

Rinu Srinivasan, the girl who got hounded for 'liking' a Facebook post says that the use of social media can forever alter your life.

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