28/09/2015 1:28 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

SHOCK VALUE: Gurgaon Man Gets Rs 85-Crore Power Bill

The India Today Group via Getty Images
INDIA - SEPTEMBER 12: A BSES engineer show an electric tempered meter at Welcome apartment in East Delhi. (Photo by Qamar Sibtain/The India Today Group/Getty Images)

A Gurgaon resident, Hodal Prasad, perhaps got the biggest shock of his life when he was foisted with an electricity bill for over Rs 85 crore. According to ANI, Prasad said his previous bills ranged from Rs 2200 to Rs 6,000 and is baffled by the latest amount."There was no display in the meter. We had complained and then we had changed it. After changing it we got this bill. Earlier we used to get bills of Rs 6000, 5000, 2200," Prasad said.

"With such bill we won't be able to educate our children. This time we have got a bill of more than Rs 85 crore," he added.

This isn't the first time that the electricity department has bungled in assigning power bills. The Rajasthan Patrika reported that several residents in villages surrounding Gurgaon have been saddled with such billionaire bills. State electricity authorities have attributed them to 'technical' faults, which--as Prasad's case shows--have yet to be rectified.

Prasad however appears to have resolutely absorbed the shock of the bill. Last June, a 55-year-old woman in Ranchi had to be hospitalized after her son was asked to pay an electricity bill of Rs 55 crore by the Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB).

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