25/09/2015 4:21 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

When The Gurgaon Police Made Haryana's Friendly Neighbourhood 'Yamraj' Pay Challan

Gurgaon Traffic Police/Facebook

A car owner in Haryana thought it would be hilarious to exchange his legitimate number plate for one that read 'Yamraj' -- the god of death. But like any great plan spoiled by busybodies online, people clicked photos of the car and posted on the Facebook page of the Gurgaon Traffic police.

Things of course did not go well for 'Yamraj'. The Gurgaon Traffic police issued the owner a challan for violating traffic rules by driving a car without a valid number plate.

After photo of the vehicle no. HR-26CN-0821 uploaded on this page, challan has been issued to the owner of vehicle no. HR-26CN-0821 for the violation of without number plate. Copy of challan also attached.

Posted by Gurgaon Traffic Police on Tuesday, 22 September 2015

But this isn't anything new in India.

In fact, cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni was recently slapped with a fine of Rs 450 for faulty display of the number plate on his motorcycle. The registration number of his bike was displayed vertically on the mud guard of the front wheel.

Then earlier this month, Rifat Jawaid, the founder of Janta Ka Reporter, sparked a controversy by tweeting that he got away with a traffic violation by dropping the name of the chief minister of Delhi to cops.

People love sassy messages on their bumper stickers, perhaps even more than they love getting customized number plates. Here are some desi messages behind automobiles. Enjoy.

  • Like a Boss!
  • yash1229/ Instagram
    The sign wasn't required to prove that the driver is not the best.
  • @shreyaannam/Twitter
    Bad Dad?
  • Not everyone can be 'Great Of India.'
  • @ZahirJ/ Twitter
    The writing is on the car's rear window.
  • Imgur
    All of us have goals in life.
  • Imgur
    Wonder how many men tried using this as a pick up line.
  • Imgur
    Freeloader? Tell the world.
  • Imgur
    This heartbroken man has a new way to find the love of his life.

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