24/09/2015 4:40 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Bengaluru-Based Poet Subhashini Chandramani's Garden Art Is A Blooming Wonder!


Bengaluru-based poet Subhashini Chandramani has quite a talent for converting her art sketches into adorable 3D projections, using leafy odds and ends from her garden. Of late, Chandramani's work -- her project is entitled #GardenArt -- has been receiving a fair amount of attention on social media for its simplistic approach.

Aside from her garden (which she claims is the muse for her garden art series), Chandramani also extends her creative eye to other accoutrements that give her art work that special finish. For instance, she doesn't consider leftover Gokulashtami bakshanam a food item anymore:

Check out her version of what a 'bad hair day' looks like.

Here are some beautiful photos from Chandramani's #GardenArt series. Her blog can also be followed here.

Land Flowers meet sea:

When it rains, it blooms:

Some might call him a petulant being:

Say it with flowers:

Thistle definitely make you feel stylish:

Run to seed:

Happiness is a releaf:

The cherry on the cake:

He was a beleafer:

Budding dancers:

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