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12 Reasons Why The Safety Pin Is Everyone's Knight In Shining Armour

I turned an old, broken Nikon 18-55mm kit lens into a macro lens using an approximation of this procedure: <a href="http://petapixel.com/2012/11/03/turn-an-old-kit-lens-into-a-macro-lens-by-removing-the-front-element/" rel="nofollow">petapixel.com/2012/11/03/turn-an-old-kit-lens-into-a-macr...</a> This is the first &quot;good&quot; result.

Behind every successful woman - who has avoided meltdowns over saree pleats, sandal straps coming off on the road and shirt buttons forming little windows on their chests - is a safety pin.

Yes ladies, that diamond most of you will never get, isn't your best friend. That string of safety pins which doesn't even dent your loose change bank, is.

Remember the time a safety pin quite literally got your back when the bra strap clasp decided to break while you were in college? Or the zipper tag to your favourite bag broke?

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Not just that, this teeny knight in shining armour has also coaxed that stubborn drawstring through the folds of many a salwaar. Imagine putting a drawstring into a petticoat without a safety pin!

To give credit where it's due, it's pretty much difficult to imagine a day without having to reach for a safety pin. Here are some unlikely situations where putting the pin to use will render delightful results.

  • Re-Use A Cable Tie
    Umesh/ YouTube
    At some point of time, anyone who's done a bit of travelling has unleashed his rage on those annoying luggage zip ties that simply refuse to budge! Their arch nemesis as it turns out is the safety pin...
  • Wear A Sari Perfectly
    Every Indian woman can identify with this: For generations, the safety pin has been handed down to ensure that the sari stays magically perched on the side of her shoulder. (Kareena Kapoor is clearly no exception to the rule, except in this case, she might have forgotten to detach her safety pin)
  • Decorate Your Home
    Pinterest/ http://inspireme-blog.blogspot.de/
    This creative blogger made a beautiful lamp from safety pins! No reason why you can't too. Follow her instructions here.
  • Stitch Marker
    For those who like to knit, a safety pin works beautifully as stitch marker. Bonus tip: add a bead with different letters to help you remember, like 'F' for front to the safety pin. It could also make a cute gift for grandmothers or new mothers.
  • Stay Clean
    ullstein bild via Getty Images/ EQS-M via Getty Images
    There's nothing more disgusting than looking closely at your ear phones, and noting a wad of ear wax stuck in. A safety pin with a bit of sticky tape/ cotton goes a long way in cleaning those tiny spaces in addition to other difficult surfaces like keyboards, or musty corners of your phone.
  • Thread Your Pyjamas
    The safety pin proves that nothing is impossible, including rethreading that non-elastic string back through your salwar, pyjamas, or a hoodie jacket.
  • Stay Matched
    Mightygirl.com/ Pinterest
    Pin your pairs of socks before chucking them in the washing machine, and keep it that way even when you're folding them. It's a great defence mechanism against that one odd sock always pulling the disappearing act. Mightygirl.com says this works very well with children's socks.
  • Dress Up
    Fashion Guru
    Instead of throwing away old favourites, attach holey bits with safety pins, or make scattered patterns, like Indian Fashion Guru has.
  • Lose 'The Hitch'
    Save yourself the unsexy 'hitching-up-the-strapless-dress' move. Attach your dress to your bra with a couple of tiny safety pins from the inside (front and back).
  • Kit Your Kit
    Sakura ZIPPER jewelry/Flickr/ ullstein bild via Getty Images
    More often than not, a kit (be it a lunch box, make-up kit or a shaving bag) is often replaced as soon as it loses it's zipper tag (y'know, the little things you use to pull up the zip with). Simply slide a bunch of coloured safety pins through the tab, for a funky look that'll also help identify your kit or your luggage easily.
  • Statement Jewellery
    If you're a little low on jewellery funds, but have the time to spare, get creative with your set of safety pins. This video is just an example of the several creative ways you could use your set: also try making necklaces or earrings.
  • Sello Tape Marker
    Trying to find the sticky end of a tape can prove a time-consuming job. Safety pins serve beautifully as a tape-roll marker. Simply pin it to the sticky end that needs to be unravelled, after you're done using the sello tape.

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