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WATCH: 5 Times Politicians Cried On TV


When Ram Vilas Paswan's son-in-law Anil Kumar Sadhu was denied a ticket in the Bihar elections, the Lok Janshakti Party chief may not have expected the heartbroken leader to go on national television and cry his heart out.

Sadhu, who heads the LJP's Dalit Sena, bawled on television after being denied a ticket, and unleashed his wrath against Chirag Paswan, his brother-in-law, by calling him a "flop hero who is not a Dalit leader." The whole episode has resulted in an embarrassing family feud.

An anguished Sadhu even citied lyrics from the Bollywood movie - Bewafa - "Achcha sila diya tune mere pyar ka, yaar ne hi loot liya ghar yaar ka," while crying.

But then, Sadhu isn't alone. Many a times we have witnessed Indian politicians, including the mighty ones, crying on national television.

RSLP's Ashok Gupta Throws A Tantrum Over BJP Ticket

With the Bihar state elections just a month away, emotions are clearly running high. During a press conference of Rashtriya Lok Samata Party on Monday, in which the party announced the first list of 17 candidates for the upcoming Bihar Assembly elections, a disgruntled leader from RLSP created ruckus and howled to the hilt in party chief Upendra Kushwaha's press conference.

AAP Leader Ashutosh Cried Over Farmers' Suicide

Two days after a farmer committed suicide during a rally held by the Aam Aadmi Party, former journalist and AAP leader Ashutosh broke down completely on national TV and asked for forgiveness from the daughter of the farmer. The clip of Ashutosh crying on TV soon went viral and #AshuCries started trending on Twitter.

When The 'Loh Purush' Was Too Emotional

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also on the list. He may have been called the 'Loh Purush' prior to elections, but even his 56 inch chhati (chest) was heaving with emotions during his first speech in Lok Sabha. He broke down during the speech.

Jaya Bachchan Cried While Talking About Delhi Gangrape

Jaya Bachchan choked with tears and then broke down completely in Rajya Sabha while speaking about the December 16 gangrape victim.

Sheila Dikshit Cried After The Delhi Gangrape

Sheila Dikshit, then the Delhi chief minister, broke down during a television interview while talking about the 2012 gangrape victim. The teary-eyed CM said, "She belongs to a middle-class family. I cannot compensate the suffering that you are going through. I offered to help and provide any assistance needed to save her life. Her family is silently suppressing their anger and despair and everybody is feeling their pain."

However, the interview was widely seen as a damage control measure by the politician fast losing support among her voters.

BONUS: World's Most Powerful Leader Cried Too

And, if you thought it's just the Indian politicians who wear their emotion on their sleeve, you're wrong.

The President of the United States, usually considered the most powerful leader in the world, cried not once, or twice, but several times in public. Obama cried during the final speech of the 2012 Presidential campaign. He also broke down while addressing the nation following the Connecticut school shooting. In June, this year, he broke down while delivering an eulogy for Vice President Joe Biden's son Beau Biden who died from brain cancer at age 46.

Here's @hoezay's hilarious take on Sadhu sobbing on TV.

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