22/09/2015 6:44 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

A Guy Is Petitioning The Government To Ban Vegetables On Eid, Because 'Plants Have Feelings Too'

Prize-winning vegetables from the Cortachy Highland Games.

A Bengaluru-based man has decided to call for his own ban after the government imposed a meat ban in several parts of the country during the Jain ‘Paryushan’ festival and Hindu celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Filmmaker Falah Faisal has launched an online petition asking the government to ban vegetables on the occasion of Muslim festival Bakr-Eid that is to be celebrated on 25 September.

Faisal's argument is simple— "Plants have feelings too," says the petition that has already been signed by over 250 people.

So, why does Faisal want a ban on vegetables? These are his reasons:

1. It's a right. "With the meat ban being enforced on us due to various religious reason, I think it is only rightful for us minorities to have a say," reads the petition.

2. It's about sacrifice. "The prophet, Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his own son. I hope we all can give up eating vegetables for a day."

3. Vegetables are bad for your health. "Recent reports state that the levels of pesticide present in vegetables is on the rise, which means they are actually harmful for us."

4. Fasting is good for your health. "If you are someone who is a vegetarian who doesn't eat anything but the offshoot of plants, I bet you can starve for a day. Fasting is good for you. We do it for a month every year."

5. Do it for your country. "It also gives the hardworking Indian farmers a day of much deserves rest."

Even as Faisal makes a strong pitch for the ban on vegetables, he is generous enough to throw in an added incentive. If you give up your veggies, you are invited to his house to partake in some mutton biryani.

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