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Delhi University Graduate Wants To Join Islamic State, Her Father Alerts NIA

Google Translation of the clip-title, which was downloadable til 12th October 2014 from youtube: &quot;Blood Jihad 1 __ graduation of the first batch of camp <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheikh" rel="nofollow">Sheikh</a> Abu Azzam al-Ansari __ Islamic state&quot; دماء الجهاد 1 __ تخريج أول دفعة من معسكر الشيخ أبي عزام الأنصاري __ الدولة الإسلامية - <a href="http://militaryvideos.com/isis-boot-camp/" rel="nofollow">ISIS boot camp</a> Video titled Blood Jihad 1, graduation of the first batch of camp Sheikh Abu Azzam al-Ansari. Footage shows ISIS trainees getting kicked in the stomach, low crawling while under live fire, disassembling and assembling weapons and other training. -------------------------------------------------------------------- <a href="http://archive.adl.org/main_terrorism/sada_al_jihad.html#.VDv1ynlxlhE" rel="nofollow">Abu Azzam al-Ansari</a>, an Egyptian who was living in Saudi Arabia, founded Sada al-Jihad. In June 2007, al-Ansari was arrested by Saudi authorities in Medina on charges of using the Internet to plan terrorist attacks, recruit supporters and publish literature on militant ideology. Al-Ansari admitted that he was influenced by other Islamic militant Web sites before he created Sada al-Jihad and that he too decided to become a &quot;promoter of jihad&quot; on the Internet.

NEW DELHI -- In a disturbing revelation, which uncovers the depth of Islamic State (IS) radicalisation in India, a girl in her mid-20s, who recently graduated from a premier Delhi University college, wants to reportedly join the terror group.

According to an Indian Express report, her father, a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Indian Army, has sought help from the National Investigation Agency (NIA) after he discovered that she wants to be a part of the IS.

For the past few weeks, officials of the Intelligence Bureau in Delhi have been trying to convince the girl to abandon her plans of joining IS.

According to the report, the girl graduated from Delhi University and went to Australia for her post graduation. However, she was reportedly a "changed person" when she returned.

The matter came to light after the girl's father stumbled upon some internet communication linked to ISIS on her computer a few months ago. He suspected that his daughter is in touch with alleged IS recruiters and has planned to travel to Syria to join the outfit.

Intelligence Bureau sleuths have reportedly held a few sessions with the woman.

Recently, 10 young men from Kerala were deported from the UAE for allegedly indulging in ISIS propaganda. UAE authorities became suspicious of the group after monitoring their social media traffic.

The Government of India has been taking steps to stop the radicalisation of the youth by IS. Last month, former home secretary L.C. Goyal chaired a meeting of DGPs from various states on the strategy to tackle IS radicalisation.

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