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A Vexing Issue, Finally Answered: How To Pronounce Dengue

A massive outbreak of Dengue in New Delhi means that the nasty viral infection comes up in conversation all the time. Someone you know has just come down with it. But before you can go very far, you notice that your interlocutor is pronouncing the word differently from you. So what is it, really?

Is it dengue (deng)?

Is it dengue (deng-you)?

Or, is it dengue (deng-gee)?

We are happy to solve this problem once and for all. The video has the correct pronunciation.

This year's dengue outbreak -- the worst in five years in Delhi -- has seen at least 11 people in the Capital die, and over 2,400 cases have already been registered.

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The symptoms and signs for dengue begin approximately three to 16 days after a mosquito bite transfers a virus, accoring to Webmd, to a person previously unexposed to the virus. Fever and painful muscle and joint aches can occur during the first few hours of symptoms when headache, chills, rash, and swollen lymph nodes first appear.

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Studies have shown that consuming the juice of papaya leaves also help fight the disease. However, no vaccine has been invented to prevent or cure the disease.

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