18/09/2015 8:01 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

The Morning Wrap: US Fed Keeps Lending Rates Unchanged; BJP Minister Sharma Edifies Kalam As Patriot 'Despite' Being Muslim

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen answers a question during a news conference in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015. The Federal Reserve is keeping U.S. interest rates at record lows in the face of threats from a weak global economy, persistently low inflation, and unstable financial markets. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

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A police inspector in Maharashtra has claimed to be stopped by his senior from filing a case when the skeletal remains of Sheena Bora were discovered three years ago in the forests of Raigad near Mumbai.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today hit out at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar saying the time for debate on development is over as it has been proved that Gujarat is No 1 and Bihar stands at 21.

Google India's birthday doodle on MF Hussain, which also coincided with Narendra Modi's, may have been an unwitting political comment.

Had it been a Congress government, in whose watch the rape-accused Saudi diplomat went free, the rightwing reaction would've been torrential.

Identify these stars from their childhood pics.

Main News

The Times of India says that the secret files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose that will be declassified in Kolkata on Friday may contain enough circumstantial evidence that he was alive till at least 1964.

The Indian Express has found a fresh tranche of emails that financially connect Lalit Modi, Preity Zinta, 'secrecy' and an escrow account.

Social crusader Anna Hazare has said that farm-loan waivers were a waste of taxpayers' money.

In what amounted to a tactical retreat, the U.S. central bank said an array of global risks and other factors had convinced it to delay what would have been the first rate hike in nearly a decade.

The CEO and several employees at the Bangalore-based start-up have claimed to be roughed up by property agents for their disruptive business model.

An online survey finds that in its first year, Swachh Bharat may be a flop.

Off The Front Page

Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma has outdone himself. This time, he praised the late Abdul Kalam Azad for being a nationalist "despite" being a Muslim.

A village of weavers in Bihar whose children seem to have cracked the secret to an IIT seat are split between Nitish Kumar and the BJP.

A government-sponsored exhibition at Delhi's Lalit Kala academy hosted by the Insitute of Scientific Research on The Vedas finds “Hanumanji met Sitaji in Ashok Vatika” in 5067 BC, a solar eclipse of 3153 BC when the “Pandavas left for 13 years of exile after losing everything in a game of dice” and has identified “63 predecessors and 59 successors of Ram”.

Barely a few hundred yards from Raj Niwas and the residences of three Delhi cabinet ministers, a senior Delhi bureaucrat suffered multiple injuries and fractured his leg after falling into an open manhole.


MJ Akbar on a visit to election-prepped Bihar remarks on the total absence of the Congress and rhapsodizes on the Bihari sense of humour. ' Bihari humour is droll, laced seamlessly into conversation rather than pitched into anecdote; sardonic instead of satirical, creeping upon you from an unsuspected angle with a cat’s stealth; sugared with a smile, delivered with a lilt. Think observation, not repartee. Think goldsmith, not hammersmith. Think charpai, not drawing room.'

Speculating on the future of a world with a 'Dislike' button on Facebook, Baradwaj Rangan queries: " With his announcement, Zuckerberg has made us all think seriously about a question whose answer we thought we’d learned as kids: What is the opposite of ‘like’?"

Devangshu Dutta says that the quirky physics of quantum entanglement has relevant applications to cryptography and cyber security.

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