17/09/2015 7:54 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

The Morning Wrap: India Is The Capital Of The World In Antibiotic Abuse; Rajasthan Hospital To Test Cow Urine As Disinfectant

Day 305/365. Uggh!I have had a boil growing under my arm all week and finally went to the doctor who cleaned it up - I won't go into details but it hurt like hell with no anaesthetic at all! Anyway I now have to take this lovely pile of pills over the next few weeks.

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Two more Indian nationals have been abducted in Libya, taking the number of people being held in the war-torn country to four.

This is how real-life whodunnits may be made into movies by the legendary director Kanti Shah.

Kevin Stone pens an obituary for cortisone, that athletes frequently abuse in the quest for faster-higher-stronger.

How the traffic police intervened to ensure that a heart made it in time, through clogging traffic in Delhi and Gurgaon, to save a person's life.

Main News

The head of the internal committee that found RK Pachauri guilty has resigned from Teri.

Allegations grow thicker that the associates of PRP granites in Tamil Nadu would conduct human sacrifices, of the mentally ill, whenever the company expanded.

Ten days after Saudi Embassy First Secretary Majed Hassan Ashoor was accused of raping two women from Nepal, the Saudi government tonight recalled him from his position in New Delhi. Confirming this, MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup said that Ashoor has 'left India.'

India is the world's antibiotic popping capital, recording the highest number of such pills consumed annually — 13 billion pills as against 10 billion in China and 7 billion in the US.

Two unidentified men allegedly gangraped a 46-year-old American woman in the tourist town of Dharamsala earlier this week.

Off The Front Page

Following the directions of state health minister Rajendra Rathore, the SMS hospital administration is all set to test the effectiveness of cow urine, as a disinfectant.

Obama has endorsed the talent of Ahmed Mohammed, the 14 year-old Texan, accused of building a bomb when all he did was make a clock.

Graduates, post graduates and even Phd holders are among the 23 lakh applicants vying for the post of peon in the Uttar Pradesh government secretariat.


Jahangir Aziz advises the government to lie low and maintain stability irrespective of what the US Fed does to interest rates. "Policy mistakes now could turn out to be costly later. Hunkering down as a strategy is neither clever nor exciting, but it just may be the right thing to do today," he notes.

Jonathan Mann says of Donald Trump that "...whether or not he can be elected president, we know for certain he’s great TV..."

Praveen Chakravarty finds that an analysis of 82 opinion polls of Loksabha and state elections since 1996, show that not even one has been fully accurate. Fully accurate means predicting the seats down to within 5% of the error margin.

G Sampath, cites Amazon's work culture and culture critic Tokumitsu, to argue that 'loving' one's work is mostly a myth." There is no earthly — or heavenly — reason why everyone should have to prioritise work above every other aspect of life."

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