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21 Posts On Facebook That Will Immediately Get The 'Dislike' If Zuckerberg Makes The Button" data-caption="Published in a few places, such" data-credit="zeevveez/Flickr">

Think of the number of times you saw a post so cringeworthy that you didn't want to go and comment, you simply wanted to hit a button that said 'dislike'. You couldn't because there is no such button.

But you will soon get your wish. During a question-and-answer session streamed live on Facebook on Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg said the company was testing alternatives to the "Like" button. A 'Dislike' button? Hopefully.

So, if they are given the power to 'dislike' posts, what will you pick first?

Here are some pretty eligible candidates for Facebook's 'Dislike'.

The Absurd Selfies

Yes, we are all obsessed with selfies. We may not 'dislike' the selfies with pouts and the ones taken inside a bathroom. But, we will definitely 'dislike' the ones that are inappropriate.

Something like this.

FB Posts With One Aim: Let's Murder The English Language

English isn't our first language. So it's obvious that many won't be able to differentiate between it's and its. But then, why murder the language?

Sample these:

Guy's Photoshop Skill Is On The Point

Katrina Kaif has ditched Ranbir Kapoor to become your girlfriend, and Shah Rukh Khan is your best friend. We believe you. If only you got your photoshop skills right.

The Share Or Die Status Messages

We see this almost every day. Someone who tags his 50 friends on Facebook asking them to share a devotional message. And what if you don't? Oh, be warned you will get 100 years of unhappiness. Yes, apparently Zuckerberg has a connection with the Gods.

Celebrations Gone Wrong

Indians love festivals, so your timeline will be flooded with pictures during Holi and Diwali. And, if it's a wedding, you will ONLY see pictures of your friend with her partner, her family, her partner's family, her friends, his friends and trees and food and...the list goes on.

But, sometimes, people get festivals completely wrong. For example, Raksha Bandhan is supposed to be celebrated with your brother, not husband.

Or, this one.

Swag Level: Who Is James Bond?

On Facebook, some can also give James Bond a run for their money. They could in fact star in Mission Impossible in place of Tom Cruise. What do they deserve? A 'Dislike'.

The I Am Injured And Need Your Sympathy Posts

Got a paper cut? Take a picture and post on Facebook. A broken leg? What's the point if you don't post on Facebook? Well, that's what many on social media think.

Some even go to the extent of posting pictures like these:

Candy Crush And Other Requests

After 'dislike' button, maybe Facebook should come with a button for block all those people who send sill game requests on Facebook.

Then again, there are some who have a little more than Candy Crush requests. Must say this man has gone beyond his call of duty for the sake of the nation.

Sometimes Lover, Sometimes Lonely

There are many young men in this country who are in love. In fact, they are so awesome that the world just cannot do without them.

Like this one:

And, this one.

But then all of them are not so lucky. Some sleep on themselves.

And, some are forever single.

The BFF game is strong in this one

Some are such good friends that they wear each other on their skin.

And the friendship is over post.

Mr. Zuckerberg, you need to start work on this pronto.

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