15/09/2015 2:46 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

WATCH: These Women Call Out India's Obsession With Fair Skin

Fashion and beauty vlogger Scherezade Shroff decided it was time she called out the country's obsession with fair skin. In her latest video, Shroff addressed her fans and followers, saying the obsession with a light skin colour in this country made her quite angry.

Shroff politely, but firmly put her point across: She refused to name brands, and apologised for any unintentional rudeness, but said it was important to her that her followers stop using the word 'fair' as a compliment. "If we stop asking for the products, brands will stop producing them," she said.

She also sent out a special message for all parents, requesting them to appreciate their children's beauty, instead of voicing their concerns about a darker skin tone, and called out advertisers for their unrealistic messages about what being fair could accomplish.

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Finally, Shroff pulled out her trump card -- or rather five of them: Jovita George, Nidhi Sunil, supermodel Carol Gracias, Smita Ladrado and popular blogger Rickshawali, who voiced their opinions on the topic, stressing on the need to do away with judgement on skin colour, and instead celebrate individuality.

Or as Rickshawali so 'fairly' put it: "let's not strive to be fair, but to be fair to one another."

Kudos, girls.


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