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THAAAAAP: 6 Heated Television Debates That Ended In A Resounding Slap

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The video of astrologer Deepa Sharma and a self-appointed godman Om Ji of the Hindu Mahasabha fighting it out on live television has taken the social media by storm today.

During a heated debate on Radhe Maa, astrologer Deepa Sharma, got up from her seat, walked up to a surprised Om Ji and tapped him on his shoulder to get his attention and slapped him as horrified audiences looked on.

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This particular fight stands out for its viciousness but fights breaking out on news television, particularly on shows discussing politics, is not exactly new to this part of the world.

When AAP spokesperson got slapped

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Last year, during a panel discussion on a TV channel an Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson, Ejaz Khan, was slapped by a former party member, Teena Sharma.

Ejaz was arguing with Teena about caste politics prevalent in India when they started yelling at one another.

The news anchor then asked Khan to apologise to Sharma following a heated exchange between the two. On Khan's refusal, Sharma reached out and slapped him.

Just wondering what would have happened if Sharma was put on one of those top grids.

When a Pakistani politician threw a glass of water at another politician's face

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In 2010, Pakistani politicians throwing water at each other on live television made the headlines. When Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah's adviser Jamil Soomro criticized Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Sindh President Naeem ul Haq, he was about to drink water from his glass. But then, he was so angry, instead of drinking, he threw the glass towards Soomro, who promptly punched Haq. Finally, the anchor decided to take matter in his own hands and asked the panel to "calm down, yaar".

An angry Haq leaves the show, but not before he takes a sip from the glass of another panel member.

Pakistani politicians run out of abuses

The drama begins at 4 minutes.

Politicians fighting on Pakistani news channels are not quite unusual. But, this one from 2014 was probably the funniest. After a heated debate, two politicians are seen engaging in a scuffle where they are holding hands and dragging each other out of the studio, in what looks like a moon-dance of sorts. Meanwhile, the person sitting in the middle keeps doing sit ups, while trying to avoid the fight.

The fighting politicians stop dragging each other, right before the studio doors and start abusing each other. But the abuses are the kind that make you feel you have been transported to a school classroom. One says, "Kutta", the other responds, "Ullu Ka pattha." [bleep bleep bleep.]

Anchoring isn't an easy job

New channels are for debates. But, two politicians from Andhra Pradesh took it to a whole new level by fighting on live television. You can only feel sorry for the anchor as he looks on--scared and speechless. Finally, the crew members and relatives of the politicians had to get inside to calm them down.

'Don't show your finger'

Fights always don't happen only between politicians. This recent video footage where a Dhaka University teacher is locked in a scuffle with retired Maj Gen Abdur Rashid had taken the social media by storm in Bangladesh.

The two panel members clearly have an obsession over fingers. "Don't show your fingers," "You don't show your fingers.." "Put it down, put it down" goes the conversation just before one is seen slapping another's finger, trying to 'put it down.'

If anybody had to be awarded for being the most calm anchor, it would definitely go the one in this footage. He announces to the audience that they are taking a break, while asking the production member to come and help the fighting duo.

Sword fight... almost

In a show called 'Manchester Ki Adalat', a politician is seen doing something that could pass of sword dance while beating up another politician during the television debate.

Game of thrones makers should watch this one.



The messenger of peace in Pakistan, a hero in the whole subcontinent. Chand nawab, whose valiant efforts to cover ungrateful holiday makers proceeding on vacation in Karachi has been immortalized in the Salman Khan blockbuster Bhajrangi Bhaijaan.

No fights, no slaps, no punches—only a bit of impatience and that signature sign-off: Karaaachiii.

BONUS No. 2: How can she slap??

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And, fights are not just not limited to news channels.

This particular episode became so popular that 'How Can She Slap?!', at one point of time, was internet's favourite catchphrase and memes.

During a reality show called Bindass Dadagiri, where contestants are bullied, one of the Dadas, told contestant Ravi Bhatia to “go fuck off”. His response, “You go.”

Angered, Esha made an unscripted slap across Ravi’s face and he responded in kind, slapping her right back. The show crew then appeared from off the sides of the set and then began beating him up, all the while he yells his now famous phrase, “HOW CAN SHE SLAP?!?”

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