11/09/2015 12:22 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Debate Of The Century: Tampons Versus Pads

This eternal war between sanitary pads and tampons clearly has no end. Period.

At least until another device to help women during their period cycle joins the forum anyway.

Buzzfeed tried to answer the question, considering important factors such as comfort and hygiene. During the debate shown in the footage, the sanitary pad seemed to gain a slight edge over its tinier compatriot for lacking the ability to get lost. However, the tampon held its own by giving women back the ability to wallow in a swimming pool without any discomfort or discolouration.

The final consensus, according to the participants, featured a few points that might prove a little hard to forget:

"Might as well be the happiest person you can be while your uterus is getting torn down."

"Use one or the other, don’t go bare."

And the prize-winner:

"Or go both.."

And when the men were asked to contribute to this vital topic....


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