10/09/2015 8:06 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

WATCH: Bengaluru Man Thrashed By 40 Men For Objecting To Lewd Comments On His Niece

A young Bengaluru resident was allegedly assaulted by 40 labourers near his house for trying to protect his nine-year-old niece against sexual harassment. Twenty four-year-old Adil was walking his niece to the school bus, when the labourers passed lewd comments about the young girl, and tried to touch her (a neighbour also reported that the girl faced these comments every day on her way to catch the school bus, however this was the first time the labourers had tried to make any physical contact).

Adil claims to have dropped his niece first, fearing for her safety, and then went to confront the supervisor who, instead of helping him, insulted him further and threatened to kill him. He was then assaulted by approximately 40 labourers who attacked him with steel rods. In spite of several distress calls made to the police by the young brave heart, and the residents of the colony, the police did not show up for over an hour. "Initially they refused to come at all, saying that I was fake-calling them," said the bandage-bound Adil.

The colony's residents who supported the young man, claimed this was not the first time young girls in that particular society had been molested, and reported two other incidents that had been ignored by the authorities in the past.

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