09/09/2015 4:55 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Rescued Nepalese Women Narrate Horrific Story Of Torture And Rape

NEW DELHI -- The two Nepalese women rescued on Tuesday from a Gurgaon home were allegedly sold off by suspected traffickers, physically and sexually brutalised by multiple men, and mentally tortured as they were confined to a house for months.

In statements to the police and to the media, these two women aged 50 and 30 years — and survivors of the Nepal earthquake in April — said that they were first lured out of Nepal by a woman named Kalpana, who allegedly offered them Rs 30,000 and food. They were then sold off to an agent named Anwar for Rs 1 lakh each, said Bal Krishna, member of NGO Meitei India that helped rescue the two women.

They were first taken to Saudi Arabia, where they stayed for a fortnight, said Krishna, before they were brought back to India three months ago. "The women were then raped by several men and abused," said Krishna to HuffPost India.

"They raped us, kept us locked up, did not give us anything to eat," one of the women told NDTV. "They used to keep us in locked rooms and did not let us make any sound. They showed knives and threatened to kill us otherwise," the older woman said.

The women, hailing from Nepal's Morang and Baglung districts, have told journalists that they had taken the job in desperation as one of them is recently divorced, while the other one's husband is suffering from stomach cancer. However, they alleged that they were never paid but were afraid to tell anyone. They even attempted to escape but were caught and beaten up, they added.

They had been promised that the Saudi diplomat in question was a good man, and that they would be his domestic servants. Instead, they found themselves in a palatial fifth floor apartment in one of Gurgaon's premier high-rises, where the diplomat did "horrific things" with them, they said. They have appealed that they should be sent back to Nepal at once, and were taken to the the Nepal embassy on Wednesday.

"They brought friends from outside they use to rape us when the family went out, five to six person use to come from outside and rape us inside the locked room. They use to threaten us of our life," said the older woman.

"They have not paid us for last four months, we were working as maids in his home. We worked for a month at Delhi, and then he took us to Saudi and then brought us back to Gurgaon," she added.

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