09/09/2015 8:35 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

HuffPost-CVoter Pre-Poll Survey: Nitish For CM But Modi Wave Can't Be Ignored


The Bihar voter would like to see Nitish Kumar as CM again but Modi's popularity as PM could play spoilsport, says a HuffPost-CVoter pre-poll survey of voter sentiment in Bihar.

According to the survey, where a random sample of 10,636 voters were interviewed over the course of the past two weeks, more than 53 percent people said that they would like to see Nitish Kumar as the CM of Bihar. BJP's Sushil Modi is far behind with 18.4 percent supporters. Even though BJP had managed to amass a huge number of votes in Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Haryana despite not projecting a leader, this might not work in the Bihar elections.

"Nitish Kumar is (an) unambiguous leader of stature...The Modi-Leher (Modi wave) is visible in rallies... so Bihar is very much capable of delivering a split verdict," CVoter said in an analysis note.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's huge popularity in Bihar might help his party attract voters and of those interviewed, 55 percent said they think Modi is the best candidate for PM. According to the survey results, there's a "silent majority" that celebrates Modi and Kumar for their leadership and performance.

While almost every third voter of the JDU-RJD camp supports Modi as PM, almost every fourth voter of the BJP camp prefers Kumar as CM.

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