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Ace Drummer Sivamani In This Forgotten Film Is Pure Gold, Baby

As humans, we have a tendency to wonder.

How is it that two inflammable gases fuse together to form a flame retardant?

Will humanity ever find a safe passage into other habitable galaxies when our sun inevitably goes supernova?

Will the human race even exist then? Would it have survived its own foibles?

If so, given evolutionary patterns, would those beings still identify with our current biological manifestations?

What would legendary Indian drummer Sivamani look like with hair?

At this point in history, science can answer only one of these questions satisfactorily.

And the answer is:


This splendid GIF is from a song from a 1987 crossover Telugu film, Padamati Sandhya Ragam. Before the likes of Mira Nair and Deepa Mehta spearheaded the fusion films movement in the 90s, the genre needed to learn how to walk before it could run. And walk it did. At a leisurely place. In its own comfort zone. In a bubble of misinformation.

Let’s call this baby-steps version of the genre: Confusion films.

These are films that explore the idea of multiculturality but without adequate research or exploring the sociology that would make these films believable.

And maybe a little less cringeworthy.

These films usually have their hearts in the right place but at some point, the dog ate their homework. We’re looking at you, late yesteryear actor Rajendra Kumar.

Fun trivia: Padamati Sandhya Ragam is also the acting debut of Hollywood actor Thomas Jane, known for playing the Marvel antihero, The Punisher in its 2004 incarnation. And his critically acclaimed roles in Frank Darabont’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist and the cult HBO series, Hung.

Here is a picture of his 18-year-old year self playing a 50 year old with hyper-realistic make up in the film.

Back To The Future can suck an egg.

So anyway, back to the song. The song features Sivamani drumming away, as one does, to profess his love for Vijayashanti, former Telegu actress turned career politician. As one does.

Needless to say, the song has its moments.

And by moments, we mean - Every. Single. Frame.

Like this subtle moment of romantic reflection.

And this poignant moment of unconditional onomatopoeia.

Oh, and did we mention that Sivamani plays an African American named Ronald in this film?

Hey. It's not racist if you're ignorant about races.

But at least we get to know his musical preferences.

And that teleportation is no laughing matter.

Also, that poet laureate Taher Shah is eternally quotable.

And that tree-hugging is super overrated.

But in the midst of all these life-changing revelations, one can’t help but wonder what The Punisher would have to say to this.


Thought so.

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